Recycled Pallets

Recycled pallets are pallets that have been previously used and then discarded or put aside to be returned to a repair facility such as Westside. These pallets are sorted to size and then repaired to meet industry standards or customer expectations.

The most common sizes such as 48” x 40” or GMA type pallets are a stock item and can be ready for shipment in a relatively short period of time.

Other stock sizes would be:

48” x 48”,        48” x 40” new
44” x 44”,        48” x 40” #1 or A grade pallets
36” x 36”        48” x 40” #2 or B grade pallets
32” x 32”        48” x 40” #1  or A grade pallets HEAT TREATED
30” x 30”        48” x 40” #2  or B grade pallets HEAT TREATED

One thing to keep in mind is that stock pallets were originally manufactured for a particular customer requirement so the board thickness and spacing may vary but work well in most applications.

We can also build any size pallet from recycled material